Arduino Uno

This project is a remote controlled car using Arduino along with an infrared sensor. Each motor is controlled using an h-bridge which receives signals from the Arduino. Power to the Arduino and motors are supplied through 9V batteries due to the limited space, but could be swapped out with a AAA power source instead
This project improves handling of a 7-segment display by using a shift register. The shift register requires only 3 pins from the Arduino Uno and powers pins based on the byte data it is given. The number that is sent to the shift register (0-255) is converted to binary and each "1" in the binary number corresponds to a pin that gets powered on the shift register. This allowed me to define numbers in the sketch code for the pins I need powered to display the correct number on the 7-segment display. The shift register greatly reduced the amount of code that needed to be written compared with powering each led individually. This project also uses an infrared sensor to detect signals from a universal TV controller and then display the number that was pressed.
This project involves wiring the Arduino Uno to a 7-segement display and then using code to power the desired leds for a timer effect. Once the countdown has finished a group of LEDS light up and the piezo plays a tone.

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