Featured Windows Phone App: Geometry Clubhouse

I wanted to drop a plug for my Windows Phone app that is currently being featured in the Windows App Store in 50+ markets. The app is called Geometry Clubhouse and is an education game that teaches different geometry topics including perimeter, circumference, area, and some others. So far I've enjoyed working with XAML and Visual Studio to make Windows Apps. These technologies make it pretty easy to put a nice looking app together quickly.

Geometry Clubhouse game screen.

This was my 5th app on the Windows App Store and also has seen the most success. My other app Math Clubhouse has been getting consistent downloads, but in general it seems you have to find a niche in the market if you want to make any profit. I'll let you know when I find it :). It's also essential to get ratings so that your app shows up early in the app store results. Below are some images from Math Clubhouse where I was able to utilize some styles in XAML to get button borders and actually rotate controls to create a multi-player experience on a single handset:

Math Clubhouse game screen.

For now I plan to stay on the Windows Phone Market because it does seem to be picking up more users and the other markets are already so overcrowded it's hard to get any attention. I think its a great place to get in early if you have a good idea because it's only going to get bigger. If you are interested in checking out my other apps you can see them here: Deviant Spark's Apps

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